Weekend Writing Prompt #109 – Idyll

Dale contributes weekly to multiple writing prompts and inspires me to try to do the same. I do one to her every 8 or 9, but she “pushes” me to make the effort. I appreciate her so much for throwing the challenges my way.

Thank you, Sammi, for always getting this ball rolling every week.

I dream in Languedoc blue, and sleep in stone dug from a deep, nurturing earth. The French bread’s scent wafts above cobbled streets, lingering in ivy-covered corners. A Jesus-fountain flows wine instead of water, and partners with my sun-kissed tomatoes, fleur de sel, and grass-tinged olive oil. They are the only company I need at my terraced-lunch.

All must wait until present events become past, and loved ones find their way to heavenly paradise. Until then, I dream in Languedoc blue.

8 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #109 – Idyll

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  1. I adore this, Janet.

    Please, may I visit you in your special place?

    And I am totally chuffed that I have inspired you to write more.

    And what in the fuck? I thought I was following you but somehow, was not. Got me some reading to catch up on!!!

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    1. There will always be room for friends and loved ones. I do hope you would visit so we can at least go visit the market in Carcassonne. I want to live somewhere where food is still appreciated. And the wine! Oh, Dale, such good wine.

      Je parle très mal le français, mais avec la pratique, je vais peut-être aller mieux.


      1. I knew it. Oh yes. Let’s!
        Hey, it’s why I fell in love with Tuscany! Food and wine. I can do France, too, yanno…

        Je peux t’aider avec ton français. Si tu veux pratiquer, ne te gênes surtout pas!! xoxo


      2. You wrote that and I went, “Huh?” thank goodness for google translate. May friend here in town is French too. He speaks so rapidly, I can barely follow. I have to go slow. In high school, people spoke so fast, and I had such low self-esteem, I couldn’t follow. I closed down. Now, I look at phrases to help me integrate. Practicing words don’t make sense to me. Communicating makes sense to me.

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  2. Dear Janet,

    My senses feasted on your delicious descriptions. Beautiful writing. So glad Dale inspired you. She has a knack for that, doesn’t she? Now I have to go back and read this piece once more for dessert.



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