Therapy Exercise 1

Take a piece of paper and using oil pastels, or something that has fluidity, paint what you are feeling. Don’t overthink it. This should be spontaneous.

Then draw a circle around it and ask that piece the following three questions.

What do you want?

What do you need?

What will happen if you receive these things?

Tight Before Light

4 thoughts on “Therapy Exercise 1

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  1. I love this exercise, Janet.
    I shall have to find myself some crayons or pastels so the colours can flow – pencils must be too “scratchy”
    I’ll have to wait before doing it so that I am not influenced by your answers 😉


  2. I’m going to send you Peter Elbow’s “Writing Without Teachers”. It’s a wonderful peaceful book about how to be a better writer, as well as a better reader of others’ writing. This seems like the right time for you to have your own copy.

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