Colorado CR 30, JS-L ©2020


A lot of journeys start on roads. Some get you to your destination in minutes. Others lead you to a staging area where another transport carries you on the next leg. With all being relative, know that this is a journey. As the famous Chinese philosopher, Laozi (or Confucius—depending on who you reference) said, “A journey of a thousand Chinese miles starts beneath one’s feet.” For those who don’t understand, it means everything has a starting point.

With that note by me, Captain Obvious, which infers something has ended. I am saying quite poorly is that one of my journeys ends on August 18th. While calling this preparation an ending, so too is it starting the next adventure. To kick start it all, I decided to take a mini-adventure this afternoon. 

Colorado’s County Road 30 is not well sign-posted, gravel and dust-filled, treacherous in some parts, completely without modern conveniences. It is a fine road if you want to get lost in the woods because the road dead-ends into camp grounds, wilderness, the Williams Fork River, and those forever kind of views.

My forever-view and the challenge of “what’s-next” in a world still filled with possibilities are shown above. It’s like a blank page. So many possibilities.


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