Geraniums on the Deck, JS-L ©2020

Certain gifts come as a surprise. How is it possible that, with a particular type of alchemy, something flourishes while, in other instances, growth stunts? It feels so random, completely arbitrary, nonsensical. If there is a great plan, it certainly is taking its sweet time to unfold.

Despite the lack of knowledge, growth still happens. Despite our incompetence, misguided intentions, and general misdirection, life keeps moving forward. We might think the world is going to hell in a handbasket, but that red reminds me that things keep ticking on. The green tells me that something will live beyond me. The sky will always change.

Life will not be what I know now. It will probably be miserably uncomfortable unless I am extraordinarily flexible and generous. That’s what growth is. Change. Similar to death and taxes, it always arrives.


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